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Jerald Monroe Manion

Jerald Manion pic

September 24, 1940-July 18, 2014

Jerald Monroe Manion, 73, Conway, born September 24, 1940, passed away July 18, 2014. He is preceded in death by parents, Doyle and Jewel Manion.

Jerald is survived by wife, Patsy Manion; children, Mike Manion (Krissy Johnson) and Danny Manion (Gail); grandchildren, Kent Manion (Amy), Alicia Williams (Nick), Calvin Manion, Wesley Manion, Sam Manion, and Natalie Manion; great-grandchildren, Mackenzie, Drew and Mia Williams, Abby, Parker and Maddie Manion; brothers, John Manion of Magnolia, and Dickie Manion of Little Rock.

Memorial service will be held 2pm, Thursday, July 24 at the Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center at UCA.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Jerald M. Manion Endowed Fund for Chemistry at UCA or American Lung Association.



  1. Nina Reynolds Gasaway says:

    Pat, I am so sorry to read of Jerry’s death. Will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Beth White says:

    Dr. Manion wil forever be remembered as a great
    teacher, a great friend & an all around wonderful
    kind of person! He will be missed dearly. Thoughts
    and prayers go out for family!

  3. Doris & Darrell Hutchins says:

    What a great musician…What a great guy!! His passing leaves a huge void. Wishing peace and comfort to his family.

  4. Steve & Brenda King says:

    Patsy and Family,

    Jerry will be missed by everyone! He was a wonderful husband, father, musician & friend who loved his family and life. Steve and I are so saddened of his passing. You will be in our thoughts and prayer.

    Steve and Brenda King

  5. Jim Belote says:

    This fine man taught me quite a lot of chemistry over the years. He also bent over backwards any time I needed assistance as a teacher in Conway and St. Joseph schools. I admired him greatly, and I will miss him very much. Every chemistry class I teach is done with fundamentals and practices he instilled in me. Rest in Peace, Doc.

  6. Jim Belote says:

    When I was asked to teach Chemistry at Conway High I called Dr. Manion and asked if there was any sort of refresher class being offered. He said “I’ll just put together a special problems class for you this summer”. Only two students signed up for the class. Dr. Manion took us under his wing and made us competent and confident. Rest in Peace Doc. I will NEVER forget you, or how willing you were to help me.

  7. Susan Toone says:

    Although Mike spoke often about his dad, I had no idea of the number of people Jerry helped and inspired along the way. It’s obvious that he never felt he was going out of his way – that was just the the path he chose for his life. His compassion and warmth had no boundaries. Patsy, you are in my thoughts and heart.

  8. Michelle Settle Ratcliff says:

    Dr Manion leaves a wonderful legacy through all of us who had the joy of being in his class. He was supportive and had a way of teaching with passion and drive. He was certainly a great mentor and I will always be grateful he saw more in me than I thought possible!! It was a priveledge, I didn’t fully know at the time, to be in his lab! My prayers are with Miss Patsy an his family. What a great man!

  9. Joe Massey says:

    Thank you for everything Dr. Manion, you were a wonderful teacher and mentor. UCA chemistry graduate, 1986.

  10. Tim Trawick says:

    Dr. Manion was an excellent organic chemistry teacher. As a high school science teacher, I often use gestures I saw Dr. Manion use when I teach about kinetic molecular theory. His enthusiasm for his subject matter made learning come alive. As a fellow musician, I enjoyed his contributions to bluegrass and dixieland jazz as a banjo player.
    My regards, kind thoughts and prayers to his family. Dr. Manion will be missed.

  11. Adam Morrow says:

    I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Jerry Manion, my organic chemistry teacher who taught the class in which I met my wife. He was probably one of, if not the best teacher I’ve ever had and played a huge part in my love of science. Check out the video below, starting around 7:45 if you are impatient. If every teacher were like Dr. Jerry Manion, we would be in a much better place as a nation.

  12. Darrin Gainer says:

    Dr. Manion was an awesome teacher and role model to me. He took me under his wings when I moved here from Oklahoma and made me feel welcome at UCA. His enthusiasm in the classroom always impressed me and gave me an excitement about learning. It has been 20 years since I graduated from UCA, but I still tell kids in my own classroom about things that he did and what I learned from him. I will certainly miss him but never forget him. He was a first class man. His family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Casey Weaver says:

    I only just realized last week that I’ve known Jerry for half my life. He brought me to UCA, and for that I’ll always be grateful. I looked up to him as a chemist, an educator, and especially as a friend. He had a brilliant mind, but he never hesitated to share his knowledge and insight with anyone who asked for his help. He leaves behind a legacy of service, kindness, and dedication that we would all be blessed to emulate. We will all miss him more than we can say.
    Patsy, you and the whole family are in my thoughts and prayers. May the Lord surround you with His Loving arms and grant you Peace during the days ahead.

  14. Melba White says:

    Patsy, I’m so sad for you and your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Opal spoke often of Jerry and how much she appreciated him for things he did for her, such as getting her tires changed, that I feel as though I knew him too.

    You are in my prayers.

  15. Bob & Leta Garrett says:

    Although we did not see a lot of Jerry in the past few years, we will never forget the precious moments we spent with him in the past. We had great times traveling around and playing in golf tournaments with him and Patsy. We’ll always remember Jerry as a good golfer and a simply great banjo player. Most of all we will remember him as good friend.

    Bob & Leta Garrett

  16. Lynn and Isabelle Snider says:

    We sincerely enjoyed his company in New Orleans. What a terrific fellow musician and human being. Regret not getting to know him better. Our love to Patsy and the rest of the family.

  17. Alex Chandler-Ezell says:

    Dr. Manion was a great teacher, advisor, and mentor to me. I like to think I’m continuing his legacy with my own students.

  18. Russell Cutts says:

    I knew lots of students, chemist majors and non-chemistry majors that didn’t like organic chemistry very much, but they loved Dr. Manion. When you were in his class his love of teaching and organic chemistry always showed through. Dr. Manion randomly introduced me to one of his organic chemistry students in a summer session one time. That introduction was to a young lady who would become my wife. Dr. Manion will be missed. My prayers for his family and loved ones.

  19. Peggy Owen Bailey says:

    Patsy and family
    So saddened by the loss of Jerry. All who knew
    him knew his passion and love for his family, friends,
    and his teaching. His music was a score for his love of life. Jerry was exceptional and will be long remembered.

  20. Henry & Janice Hutchins says:

    So sorry to hear about the passing of Jerry. He was a classmate and a good friend for many years.

  21. Michael Osei Akwasi says:

    The very day I decided to follow up on you after seeing the documentary about Dr. Kofi Boahene talking about the chapter you opened for him in life, I realized you have passed away. Even though i couldn’t see you. I know you can hear me. I am also a young Ghanaian aspiring to be a heart surgeon and wish i was there to save you from anything that took you away but is too late. I have never seen you but i love you and know you are a good man. Your soul rest in perfect peace and you will forever be in mind on my journey to become a medical doctor. You deserve to be in a better place and i believe you are.

  22. Jess, Cindy & Jon Westover says:

    Our family is saddened by the loss of Jerry and we will miss him very much. I will miss playing music with Jerry as he so loved to play the banjo. He was a great man, a dear friend and he will be remembered forever. Our thoughts and prayers to Patsy and family!

  23. Morris Bramlett says:

    Dr. Manion was an outstanding educator, and a fine person. He was well-respected by the chemistry faculty at other universities in Arkansas and recognized as one of the best in his field. He has certainly had a huge impact on the UCA community and the many students that he has taught through the years. He will be greatly missed.

  24. Philip Doyle says:

    Jerry was always one of the hardest working and friendliest people I have ever known. Growing up in Beebe, he was always working in the summer at mowing yards. He would go thru 2 or 3 mowers each year. I don’t think he ever met a stranger.

  25. Joe Jeffers says:


    My chemistry and hosta buddy. I will miss you. You brought delight to so many lives.

  26. Christopher Sutton says:

    I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a great teacher and mentor. Dr. Manion was my academic advisor (as a pre-med student at the time) and I remember coming into his office to decide the courses that I need to take the next semester. He sat there and listened as I talked about the research I had just done the past summer and how much I enjoyed the research. After several minutes, I finally said that I think I would enjoy going into research and teaching instead of medical school, and he replied with “I think so too”. I defend my phd next week and it’s because of his patient ear and welcoming personality. I feel very lucky that I got to visit UCA this past Feb and have a cup of coffee with Dr. Manion. I will greatly miss him.

  27. W.L. McCulloch, Jr. says:

    Jerry, six years my senior, was my mentor when I joined the Boy Scouts. While I seIdom saw him after he went away to college, I always held him in high esteem and still remember those days when he taught me scouting fundamentals.

  28. Marette Stiritz says:

    It’s hard to believe that Jerry is gone. I’ve never known anyone who was more full of life. He was a joy to know.

  29. Alex Sanders says:

    Dr. Manion was the first professor who really sparked my interest in science. It has now became my lifelong pursuit. I’ll never forget you Dr. Manion. RIP.

  30. Mike Sheets says:

    A remarkable man, great teacher and good friend. His influence will be felt for a long time.

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